A bit of a quick winge. In 1987 the Norwegian director Nils Gaup made a rather good film called Ofelas (also known as Pathfinder). It was the first film made Saami, the native language of the native groups of northern Sweden/Finland/Norway and Russia, who are often called Lapplanders. It was a powerful retelling of a native myth. It was a simple, stark film relying heavily on the stark nature of the tundra landscape of northern Scandinavia, with relatively little dialogue. Its one of my favourite films.

However, 20 years later, Hollywood leaps in with both feet and remakes it as Pathfinder. Pointlessly resetting it in America, with a Viking boy adopted by Native Americans fighting against maruading Vikings. PLus adding loads of pointless special effects, atrocious art direction and Vikings in BLOODY HORNED HELMETS.

I’ve got nothing against pointless historical action films- when done well they can be great. But I don’t understand the need to remake fantastic films, suck anything good and original out of them and turn them into cack hack and slay features. Maybe I’m just turning into an miserable old sod. Pah!

Published by David Petts

Assc. Prof Archaeology, Durham University - landscapes - old music/books - folk traditions - early med Britain - community heritage - post-medieval - views own @davidpetts1

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  1. I totally agree, I have issues with the whole movie scene of late.They make remakes, sequels and prequels, or turn things into one seems to be able to make a decent movie these days, and money being more and more important meaning they can add pointless effects…i dread to think what the 4th indianna jones is gonna be like now with the technology these days.they are taking 3 good movies and are gonna tur it into another hollywood faux pas.Pffft! lol-Liz Dean


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