Threat to forest in Finland

Reposted from Taiga Rescue Network:

“Ancient wilderness forests are being destroyed in Finland – please help to save these treasures of the Northern Taiga!The Finnish government is destroying the largest unprotected ancient forests in Finland. In Finnish Lapland the state owned logging company Metsähallitus started huge loggings in old-growth forests in November despite strong national support for their protection and despite several international biodiversity declarations signed by Finland . These unique ancient forests with up to 500 year old pine trees are being logged mainly for pulp and paper. The mills that use the ancient forests are Stora Enso pulp mill in Kemijärvi, Stora Enso paper mill in Veitsiluoto and Botnia pulp mill in Kemi.Logging and road construction has already started or is being planned in at least six areas.These loggings would permanently destroy unique natural values. The possibilities for reindeer herding and nature tourism on these areas would also be severely damaged. As the forests are situated at relatively high altitude in northern taiga the regeneration of the forests is also at doubt. All of these loggings are not even economically sustainable.Only 4,4 percent of Finnish forests are classified as old-growth forests. Still only about half of them are protected.

PLEASE TELL YOUR OPINION and ask for immediate stop to these outrageous loggings. Contact adresses and model letter below.More information about these forests and loggings with photo galleries can be found at:

Photos and info on Finnish forests are available at and

THE MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE AND FORESTRY:-Feedback page in the net: Korkeaoja, Minister: office +358 9-160 53300, Reunala, Chief of forestry: mobile +358 40 043 7222, office +358 9 160 53350, Peltonen, Forest department: office +358 9 160 52410, mikko.peltonen@mmm.fiSTORA ENSO OYJ:-Feedback page in the net:,,1_EN-1002-3142-7591_15804,00.html-Matti Karjula, Forest chief: mobile +358 2046 23009, Kallio-Mannila, Environmental chief: mobile +358 2046 24967,

GOVERNMENT:-Prime minister Matti Vanhanen: +358 9 1602 2001 (office), of the Environment Stefan Wallin +358 9 1603 9301 (office),

GOVERNMENTAL FOREST SERVICE METSÄHALLITUS:-Feedback page in the net: Jokinen, Director of forestry: mobile +358 400 290 491, office +358 205 64 4425, Kangas, Director general mobile +358 40 8430420, jyrki.kangas@metsa.fiYou can also contact the Finnish embassies in your countries.

Dear _____ _______,
Finnish state and the State-owned logging company Metsähallitus are destroying the largest unprotected virgin forest areas in Finland. In Savukoski and Kittilä six large wilderness forest areas are being logged or planned to be logged. Areas include Painopää, Jooseppitunturi, Isoselkä and Turjalaiset-Ahmatunturi in Savukoski and Raakevuoma and Pokka-Pulju in Kittilä.These forest areas are absurdly dropped out of all protection programs despite of their unquestionable natural values.I demand that the loggings in these areas are stopped immediately and proper protection planning process will be started.These loggings violate heavily the international commitments Finland has made: Countdown 2010- initiative of the EU and Convention of Biological Diversity CBD. Undersigning these agreements Finland is committed to halt the loss of biodiversity by the year 2010 and to protect all the large intact natural areas. Logging is also destroying important local livelihoods including reindeer herding and nature tourism.1. Do you think it is right to destroy the large intact forest areas of Savukoski and Kittilä? Do you think that Metsähallitus and Finland are following their international and national commitments for nature and biodiversity protection?2. What are you going to do to stop these outrageous loggings and make sure that a proper protection process is started?


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